Needle Valves


Available  in:

  • Globe Valve
  • Gauge Valve
  • Block & Bleed Valve.
  • Standard spindle thread above packing.
  • “Blow-out” proof spindle.
  • Rotating stemtip.
  • Work Pressure to 10000 psig (680 bar).
  • Temperature to 540°C.



6000 PSI Rated, Screwed BSP, Sizes 8mm to 25m.

Addison – Block-,-Bleed and Needle Valves.

The needle shutoff is designed by Addison and known for its safety and reliability. Absolute leak tight in applications that is aggressive liquids and gasses. Applications that suitable where high pressure and temperature is involved like acid gasses and vacuum.

The material used is according to ASTM, DIN, NACE, and BS  specifications.


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